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The Second Occasional LoneStarCon Science Fiction Convention and Chili Cook-off, Variously known as the 55th World Science Fiction Convention and LoneStarCon 2, To be held from August 28th through September 1st, in the year 1997, in San Antonio, Texas.

Progress Report #1--Table of Contents
Guests of Honor: Algis Budrys & Michael Moorcock
Artist Guest of Honor: Don Maitz
Fan Guest of Honor: Roy Tackett
Toastmaster: Neal Barrett, Jr.
Primary Venues: Henry B. Gonzales Convention Center, Marriott Rivercenter and Marriott Riverwalk
Progress Reports: PR#0, PR#1, and PR#2 (older Progress Reports may contain outdated information included for archival purposes only)

What's Inside...
[*]Art Credits
[*]Ad Index
[*]How To Contact Our Committee
[*]Chairman's Letter
[*]Membership Information
[*]Feature Article: "Thought for Food", by Teddy Harvia
[*]Chili Cookoff Information
[*]Casey's Chili
[*]Dealer's Room Information
[*]Christmas Along the Riverwalk
[*]San Antonio Zoo
[*]What Would You Do?
[*]Ad Rates & Call for Artwork
[*]Remember the Alamo!
[*]Texas Fan History
[*]Lost Souls
[*]Membership Map & List
[*]Publisher's Last Word

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