SMOFcon 27 Programming Schedule

Time ManagementPreliminary as of November 30, 2009


1:00 pm — 5:00 pm      Budget Boot Camp (Deb Geisler, Vince Docherty, Mark Olson, Leslie Turek )

2:00 pm      This is no joke guys, "Once up a time"— what happens you run out of time to plan and how to make it work,                               commentary, history and stories to be shared. (Willie Siros, Fred Duarte, Tom Whitmore )

3:30 pm      Move In, Move Out — Logistics with a plan on how to get everything up and running pre-con and how to move
                              everything out post-con. (Chuck Siros, Joni Dashoff, Chuck Shimada) )

5:00 pm        Dinner Break

7:00 pm        Opening Reception and Cash bar

7:30 pm        Ice Breaker: Time Management with Too Many Tasks (Kimm Antell, Colin Harris, Karen Meschke, Patty Wells)


10:00 am      Publications — How and When to Distribute Information
                               (Pat Virzi, Michael Nelson, Bill Parker, Spike
                        Convention Time Lines for WorldCon, NASFIC and Other Traveling Regionals
                              (Warren Buff, Kent Bloom, Glenn Glazer, Tim Miller)

11:30 am      Transitioning from Bid to Con — Keeping Your Momentum Steady
(Patty Wells, Steven Boucher, Helen Montgovery, Peggy Rae Sapienza)
                        Managing Your Bid with Time and Money (Kevin Standlee, John Lorentz, Kurt Baty, Mark Linneman)

1:00 pm        Lunch Break

2:00 pm        Negotiation: The Delicate Art of Getting What You Want (Colin Harris)
                        Program Time Lines for Different Types of Conventions — From Regionals to WorldCons
(Laurie Mann, Kim Kofmel, Ian Stockdale, Alex Von Thorn, Priscilla Olson)

3:30 pm        Artists: What They Need and Expect From Conventions
(Scott Zrubek, Laura Domitz, Rocky Kelly, John Picacio)

5:00 pm        Lessons Learned: WorldCon Wrap-up (Rene Walling, Robbie Bourget)

6:00 pm        Dinner Break

8:00 pm        WorldCon Bids

9:00 pm        SMOFcon bids


10:00 am      How to Run a Remote Convention (Ben Yalow, Tim Illingworth, Mike Scott)
                        How to Run a Timely Meeting — Obstacles & Solutions
                              (Jim Mann, Collin Harris, Mark Olson)

11:30 am      Social Media — Time Effectiveness for Maximum Effect (Kimm Antell, Diane Lacey, Janice Gelb)
                        How Conventions are Changing with the Future and How to Adapt
(Bobbi Armbruster, Steve Cooper, Rick Kovalcik, Melissa Morman)

1:00 pm        Lunch

2:00 pm        What Do You Want to See at Future SMOFcons (Karen Meschke)