Negotiation: The Delicate Art of Getting What You Want

Time ManagementWorkshop Hosted by Collin Harris on Saturday Afternoon at 2:00 PM

     Everybody negotiates all the time, and without thinking about it — at home, at work, and as a con runner. But when it comes to formal negotiations with commercial suppliers (hotels, decorators, caterers and tech suppliers, to name just a few) a little method can go a long way — especially as the people sitting across the table may well earn their living by cutting the right deal.

     In this workshop, led by Colin Harris, we’ll introduce some simple tools for successful negotiation, and practice using those tools. You may not become the world’s best negotiator overnight, but we think that after this session you’ll have some new ideas to think about and a better chance of getting the best deal for your convention.

     ** Note that we are limited to a maximum of 30 people for this item. Please email if you’d like to participate (first come, first served).

     Below are links to the materials from the Negotiations Workshop. Enjoy.

      Negotiations Workshop Powerpoint Presentation
      Negotiations Scenario 1
      Negotiations Scenario 2