Welcome to SMOFcon 27 Online

Time ManagementAustin, TX

SMOFcon is a yearly get-together where the Secret Masters of Fandom meet to exchange insights into what has happened during the previous year, at both the local level and at the most recently held meeting of the World Science Fiction Society (also known as Worldcon). We look for old friends, make new ones, catch-up on the latest gossip and rumors, attend panels on a variety of subjects about convention running, and express our views on best ways to do something. We talk about what went right and wrong, either behind the scenes or what the general membership saw, review what the ConCom should have done to correct it or how they prevented a mishap from becoming a disaster. We often get recruited to work on other conventions -- or recruit others to come work on our next convention. Okay, we do a LOT of talking with each other -- we refer to it as "SMOFing." And SMOFing requires lots of good food and drink to keep us going when our energy runs low.

Every SMOFcon has a theme which is used to help focus the convention as a whole. At SMOFcon 27, the theme is Time Management. On Friday, there will also be a Budget Boot Camp which will help convention runners plan their budgets for conventions both large and small. We are also hosting on Saturday a workshop on Negotiation: The Delicate Art of Getting What You Want.

Look to see what's new.