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August 23rd, 1997
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August 10th, 1997
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August 28th, 1997
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March 5th, 1997
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July 14th, 1997
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The Second Occasional LoneStarCon Science Fiction Convention and Chili Cook-off, Variously known as the 55th World Science Fiction Convention and LoneStarCon 2, the 1997 Worldcon, To be held from August 28th through September 1st, in the year 1997, in San Antonio, Texas.

LoneStarCon 2, the 1997 Worldcon: Internet Information Center

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Guests of Honor:

[Update]Algis Budrys
[Update]Michael Moorcock

Artist Guest of Honor:

Don Maitz

Fan Guest of Honor:

Roy Tackett


Neal Barrett, Jr.

Primary Venues:

Henry B. Gonzales Convention Center,
Hotels: Marriott Rivercenter and Marriott Riverwalk

Progress Reports:

PR#0, PR#1, and PR#2 (older Progress Reports may contain outdated information included for archival purposes only)


Vox: 512-472-9944, Fax: 512-472-4290, E-Mail: alamowebmaster@alamo-sf.org, Snail Mail: LoneStarCon 2, P.O. Box 27277, Austin TX 78755

Howdy, y'all! Welcome to our little corner of webspace. There will be more to come, but for now, it covers the basics. Please let us know what you think about the site makeover.
[New]For live web coverage of the Hugo Awards, join Michael Rawdon and Bill Humphries online.
[New]We need volunteers in all areas of the convention. If you would like to help out, please drop by the Information Desk in the Convention Center. Thanks!
[New]Any further signups for Kaffeeklatches, Literary Teas, or art workshops will have to be done at the convention.
[New]A new edition of the schedule of program items and events is now available, and it is current as of August 23rd, 1997.
[New]Since the pre-registration deadline is past, people who want to transfer their memberships to other people must give those people a signed letter stating the membership number and all names and addresses involved in the transfer and what, if any, voting rights come with the membership (and, for example, note if it is a supporting/attending membership swap). The people receiving the transferred memberships will have to bring the original letter to Registration at the convention.
[Update]J. Michael Straczynski, creator of Babylon 5, just confirmed his plans to attend LoneStarCon 2. He will make a ninety minute Babylon 5 presentation at noon on Saturday, the 30th of August, at the Marriott Rivercenter; he will also appear on other programming and attend the Hugo ceremony. We also have more information about seating for this event
For a cool virtual tour of San Antonio's famous Riverwalk, check out the Heart of San Antonio web site.
[Update]The membership list is online and current as of August 10th, 1997, as is complete membership rate information (it's $25 supporting, $40 children's attending, and $135 adult attending expired July 31st, 1997). Also, at-the-door and one-day attending membership rates have been set for the convention: the full attending rate will be $150; one-day rates for Thursday or Monday are $30 and one-day rates for Friday, Saturday, or Sunday are $50; the child single day rate is $15 per day.
Please feel free to call us at our office at 512-472-9944 or fax us at 512-472-4290; you can write us at P.O. Box 27277, Austin TX 78755 or email us at alamowebmaster@alamo-sf.org for any information you'd like or any suggestions you may have. We need your ideas, help, and time to put on a Texas Worldcon in 1997. We hope you'll enjoy San Antonio, Texas, as well as the convention when WorldCon time comes around in 1997! Hope to see y'all soon!
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