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Austin, Texas Welcomes YOU!

Important New Info!

Thanks to everyone who attended Bouchercon 33 in Austin, Texas. Y'all helped make the convention a wonderful experience and a grand success!

You can order audio tapes of the any of the panel talks from Reliable Communications. You may order from their website, or call them toll-free at 1-800-388-5709. Each session tape is $10, any 10 tapes are $85, or any 16 tapes are $112.

Here are the results of the Anthony Award Winners presented at the 2002 Bouchercon Banquet.

Bouchercon 2002, Austin, Texas: October 17 - 20, 2002!
Co-chairs Willie Siros & Karen Meschke and the committee of volunteers for the 2002 Austin Bouchercon welcome you to mystery, Texas-style. This will be the first-ever World Mystery Convention held in the great state of Texas and we guarantee it will be one you won't forget. And, partner, leave your cares behind. Hospitality isn't just a word in Austin. It's something that comes natural. So, if you've never been to a Bouchercon before, this is the one you won't want to miss.
Important Note:
Online Registration is closed. You are free to register at any time after 9 AM, Thursday, October 17, 2002 at the Registration Desk at the Bouchercon Convention for $175. If you would prefer to register on a per day basis, here are the rates: Thursday- $40; Friday- $70; Saturday- $90; Sunday- $30. Please call 512.383.1376 for additional information.

To set the mood mysterious, be advised that Austin is home to the largest urban bat colony in the United States. Don't worry, though. They keep pretty much to themselves. And ladies, listen to this. Men's Fitness magazine ranks Austin in the top 20% of Southern cities. So keep your eyes open and your hearts in check. Also, keep your eyes on the NAVBARS. You'll find one at the top and bottom of every web-page (except for the Registration Form page), linking you instantaneously to any other page on this site.

Bouchercon 2002 will have two Guests of Honor. Our first GOH is Mary Willis Walker, winner of every major award in the mystery field and author of Zero At The Bone, The Red Scream, Under The Beetle's Cellar, and All The Dead Lie Down. George Pelecanos, our second GOH, is considered one of the most prominent hardboiled mystery novelists in the world, publishing novels in three different series. His novels include Right As Rain, Shame The Devil, The Sweet Forever, A Firing Offense, King Suckerman, Down By The River Where The Dead Men Go, The Big Blowdown, Nick's Trip and Shoedog. He also manages Circle Films, the independent production company that gave us Raising Arizona, Miller's Crossing, and Barton Fink.

Our Toastmistress will be the ever-popular Sparkle Hayter. Her novels include What's A Girl Gotta Do, Nice Girls Finish Last, Revenge Of The Cootie Girls, The Last Manly Man, and The Chelsea Girl Murders. And, multi-talented, multi-faceted Bill Crider will be our Fan Guest Of Honor. Crider's work spans both the mystery and western-fiction genres. We'll also have a Fan Ghost Of Honor, the late Barry Gardner. Former Assistant Fire Chief for the City of Dallas, Mr. Gardner will be honored for his contributions to mystery-review. He was solicited for contributions by Twentieth Century Crime and Mystery Writers and his reviews have appeared in Mystery News, Mostly Murder, Deadly Pleasures and Cap'n Bob Napier's MDM (among other publications). Last but not least, Bouchercon Austin is pleased to invite Elmer Kelton as a Special Guest.

Your comfort is assured during your visit. The convention hotel will be the Renaissance Austin. Located in the Northwest area of the city, it's the cornerstone of the Arboretum development -- 95 park-like acres with more than 80 specialty shops, themed restaurants and movie theaters. In the hotel itself, experience grand Italian cuisine at the Trattoria Grande or relax with cocktails and conversation at Tangerine's. Unfortunately, we have sold out the hotel for Bouchercon 2002. There are many other fine hotels to stay in which are nearby. For more information, go to our Hotel Info page. And, if you want to explore a bit, the hotel is only 20 minutes away from the State Capitol Building, the L.B.J. Library and the University of Texas (the view from the top of the University of Texas tower is a must-see). And, if you want to explore a bit, the hotel is only 20 minutes away from the State Capitol Building, the L.B.J. Library and the University of Texas (the view from the top of the University of Texas tower is a must-see).

Authors: Attending authors on the Panel & Event Schedule should pay the courtesy of visiting the booksellers room to sign booksellers' stock of their books during the convention.

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