LoneStarCon 2, the 1997 Worldcon

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The Second Occasional LoneStarCon Science Fiction Convention and Chili Cook-off, Variously known as the 55th World Science Fiction Convention and LoneStarCon 2, the 1997 Worldcon, To be held from August 28th through September 1st, in the year 1997, in San Antonio, Texas.

LoneStarCon 2 Program Index: Saturday


Sa0001rw-alamo.c Open Gaming
Play any game you want to bring -- cards, roleplaying games, boardgames. And be sure to look in on continuous demonstrations of the new Portal introductory set for Magic: The Gathering (run by Wizards of the Coast) and the Middle-Earth trading card game (Iron Crown Enterprises).
Marriott Riverwalk Alamo Ballroom Sec. C 12:01AM-11:51PM

Sa0800rc-12 Continental Science Fiction Assn. Meeting
Marriott Rivercenter Room 12 8:00AM-9:50AM
Robert E. Sacks*

Sa0900cc-river.a Local teachers
Convention Center River Sec. A 9:00AM-10:50AM
Gregory Benford, David Brin*

Sa0900rc-11 Jewish Services
Marriott Rivercenter Room 11 9:00AM-11:50AM

Sa1000cc-202 Showcase-Theodore Krulik Reading
Convention Center Room 202 10:00AM-10:50AM
Theodore Krulik*

Sa1000cc-203 For Kids: Care and feeding of stuffed animals
Convention Center Room 203 10:00AM-10:50AM
Gerri Balter*, Craig Miller, Debbi Schouten

Sa1000cc-204 For Kids: Storytime
Grownups tell stories or read books to the kids attending the con.
Convention Center Room 204 10:00AM-10:50AM
Jack McDevitt, Jody Lynn Nye

Sa1000cc-205 Showcase-C. Dean Andersson Reading
Convention Center Room 205 10:00AM-10:50AM
C. Dean Andersson*

Sa1000cc-206 Ethics in SF: Activism--Every Action is a Political Action
Convention Center Room 206 10:00AM-10:50AM
Martha A. Bartter, J. R. Dunn*, Beverly A. Hale, Jay Kay Klein, Bradford Lyau, Victoria White

Sa1000cc-207 Perry Rhodan Returns
Convention Center Room 207 10:00AM-10:50AM
Robert Feldhoff, John Foyt*, Klaus N. Frick, Eckhard Schwettmann

Sa1000cc-208 Writing 104: Do you really need an agent? How to find a good one.
Convention Center Room 208 10:00AM-10:50AM
Lucienne Diver, Marianne J. Dyson, Ashley Grayson, Irene W. Kraas*, Donald Maass

Sa1000cc-210 Artist Workshop on Cartooning
Advance sign-up required.
Convention Center Room 210 10:00AM-11:50AM
Teddy Harvia*

Sa1000cc-centro Sometimes the Bear Eats You: Gonzo Texas mystery writers claimed by SF
Convention Center Centro 10:00AM-10:50AM
Neal Barrett, Jr., Bill Crider*, Scott A. Cupp, Joe Lansdale, Ben Ostrander

Sa1000cc-exhibit Autographings
Convention Center Exhibit Hall 10:00AM-10:50AM
John DeChancie, Lynn Flewelling, George Guthridge, Peter F. Hamilton, Kim Stanley Robinson, Sharon Shinn, Allen Steele

Sa1000cc-fiesta.a The Call of the Great Unknown: Why we are compelled to explore space
Even top space advocates sometimes are caught flatfooted when asked the simple question; WHY. The reasons, goals, purposes and rationale of space development is often ignored by the media, partly because such poor answers are provided whenever the question is asked. now you can learn WHY.. maybe you have thought of a reason or goal that no-one else has thought of - so bring it along. spinoffs will be a very minor part of this panel, but questions like ;should there be a backup copy of human civilization on some other planet, or what form art and sports would take in wieghtlessness will be.
Convention Center Fiesta Sec. A 10:00AM-10:50AM
Stephen Baxter*, William Hartmann, Alexis Glynn Latner, Karen Mermel, Larry Niven, Sarah Zettel

Sa1000cc-fiesta.b Cloning: Hoary old SF clich‚ or hot topic of the year?
This panel will cover the evolution of the idea of cloning (PRIMARILY OF HUMANS) from its first mention up to the present, when the larger society is starting to take the issue seriously. Panelists and attendees should try to come of with a list or examples of early and current use of cloning themes in fiction..
Convention Center Fiesta Sec. B 10:00AM-10:50AM
D. E. Dabbs, Terence M. Green, G. David Nordley*, S. M. Stirling, Denise Vitola

Sa1000cc-fiesta.e WSFS Main Business Meeting 1
Open to all convention members.
Convention Center Fiesta Sec. E 10:00AM-11:50AM
Don Eastlake III*, Zanne Labonville, Kevin Standlee

Sa1000cc-mission Virtual Reality Tour of the Solar System
MuSe Technology and NASA co-produced this spacecraft intercept with a comet.
Convention Center Mission 10:00AM-10:50AM
Arlan Andrews, Sr.

Sa1000cc-patio.a Showcase-Vera Nazarian Reading
Convention Center Patio Sec. A 10:00AM-10:25AM
Vera Nazarian*

Sa1000cc-patio.b Showcase-Anne Lesley Groell Reading
Convention Center Patio Sec. B 10:00AM-10:50AM
Anne Lesley Groell*

Sa1000cc-plaza.a The Business of Art: Getting more mileage out of your art and your deductions
Convention Center Plaza Sec. A 10:00AM-10:50AM
Wayne Barlowe, Rachel E. Holmen, Joy Marie Ledet, Denise Satter, Lee Seed, Ron Walotsky*, Janny Wurts

Sa1000cc-river.b 30 Years of the Trek dynasty
Convention Center River Sec. B 10:00AM-10:50AM
Lillian Stewart Carl, David Gerrold, Barbara Hambly, Capucine R. Plourde, Josepha Sherman, Susan M. Shwartz, Dean Wesley Smith*

Sa1000rc-13 Friends of Bill
Marriott Rivercenter Room 13 10:00AM-10:50AM

Sa1000rw-crockett Timebinders Interviews
Marriott Riverwalk Crockett 10:00AM-11:50AM
Dave Kyle*

Sa1000rw-milam Kaffeeklatch with Mary Rosenblum
Advance sign-up required.
Marriott Riverwalk Milam 10:00AM-10:50AM
Mary Rosenblum*

Sa1000rw-valero Kaffeeklatch with Robert Reed
Advance sign-up required.
Marriott Riverwalk Valero 10:00AM-10:50AM
Robert Reed*

Sa1030cc-patio.a Showcase-Richard Parks Reading
Convention Center Patio Sec. A 10:30AM-10:55AM
Richard Parks*

Sa1100cc-202 Showcase-James Allen Gardner Reading
Convention Center Room 202 11:00AM-11:25AM
James Alan Gardner*

Sa1100cc-203 Showcase-Caroline Spector Reading
Convention Center Room 203 11:00AM-11:25AM
Caroline Spector*

Sa1100cc-204 For Kids: Greasy, Grimy Gopher Guts and other great songs
Convention Center Room 204 11:00AM-11:50AM
Josepha Sherman, Toni Weisskopf*

Sa1100cc-205 Why research is as essential to fantasy as to SF
Convention Center Room 205 11:00AM-11:50AM
Lynn Abbey, Adrienne Gormley, J V Jones, Patricia Duffy Novak, Madeleine E. Robins, Susan M. Shwartz*

Sa1100cc-206 Self Promotion of Your Art
Convention Center Room 206 11:00AM-12:50PM
Muff Musgrave*, Real Musgrave

Sa1100cc-207 Defending our planet--from what?
Asteroids and comets are not the only dangers the earth faces as a whole. nuclear, biological or chemical war, environmental catastrophies, volcanic eruptions, nearby supernovas, nano-assemblers gone wild, and many other possible dangers face us. how serious are these dangers and what should be done about them if anything? The year 2000 computer problem is a disaster in the making, but it is unlikely to wipe out humanity. what about overpopulation? Are manmade problems worse than natural ones?
Convention Center Room 207 11:00AM-11:50AM
Tom Cool*, David Feintuch, Jay Lake, Jack McDevitt, Jerry Pournelle

Sa1100cc-208 Showcase-Connie Willis Reading
Convention Center Room 208 11:00AM-11:50AM
Connie Willis*

Sa1100cc-209 Artist Workshop: Plaster casting above the neck
Advance sign-up required.
Convention Center Room 209 11:00AM-12:50PM
Leslie What*

Sa1100cc-centro Mars Direct: Mounting the Human Expedition
Bob Zubrin will expain the reason why a series of British polar expeditions in the last century failed is critical to our exploration and development of Mars and the moon. his plan, which uses in situ Mars resources to vastly reduce the weight and cost of a manned mars expedtion, will be tested out on an unmanned mars lander in just a few years, and will help bring samples of mars surface materials back to earth in 2005. Bob is also head of the executive committee of the National Space Society, and has also started his own small re-usable launcher company, Pioneer Rocketplane, based in Colorado. Bobs talks have captivated space audiences for the last 8 years.
Convention Center Centro 11:00AM-11:50AM
Robert Zubrin*

Sa1100cc-exhibit Autographings
Convention Center Exhibit Hall 11:00AM-11:50AM
Jeanne Cavelos, J. R. Dunn, Terence M. Green, Kristine Kathryn Rusch, Dean Wesley Smith, Gene Wolfe

Sa1100cc-fiesta.a SFWA Meeting
Members only.
Convention Center Fiesta Sec. A 11:00AM-12:50PM
Robin Wayne Bailey, Michael Capobianco*, A. C. Crispin, George R. R. Martin, John J. Miller, M. C. Valada

Sa1100cc-fiesta.b High tech, live music, and weird modern fantasy: Austin is the nation's slipstream capitol
Convention Center Fiesta Sec. B 11:00AM-11:50AM
Bradley Denton, William Browning Spencer, Bruce Sterling, Don Webb*

Sa1100cc-patio.a Rising stars: Meet the Campbell Award nominees
Convention Center Patio Sec. A 11:00AM-11:50AM
Richard Garfinkle, David G. Hartwell*, Patrick Nielsen Hayden, Katya Reimann, Stanley Schmidt, Sharon Shinn

Sa1100cc-patio.b Showcase-Kim Stanley Robinson Reading
Convention Center Patio Sec. B 11:00AM-11:25AM
Kim Stanley Robinson*

Sa1100cc-plaza.a Venus re-armed & dangerous: Xena, Buffy, La Femme Nikita, Scully
Convention Center Plaza Sec. A 11:00AM-11:50AM
Ru Emerson, Jennifer Roberson, S. M. Stirling, K. D. Wentworth*

Sa1100cc-river.a I fought the art director and the art director won: covers I'd like to redo.
Convention Center River Sec. A 11:00AM-11:50AM
Vincent Di Fate*, Bob Eggleton, Elizabeth Garrott, Tom Kidd, Stephen Youll

Sa1100cc-river.b Intellectual Property Rights: Print
Convention Center River Sec. B 11:00AM-11:50AM
Ctein, Lou Aronica, David A. Cherry, Nick DiChario, Steven Gould, K. W. Jeter, James Killus*

Sa1130cc-202 Showcase-Brenda Clough Reading
Convention Center Room 202 11:30AM-11:55AM
Brenda W. Clough*

Sa1130cc-203 Showcase-Diann Thornley Reading
Convention Center Room 203 11:30AM-11:55AM
Diann Thornley*

Sa1200cc-101 Welcome to the Science Fiction Community: Enjoying the WorldCon
An orientation seminar on the background of the World Science Fiction Convention and tips on making the most of the con.
Convention Center Room 101 Noon-12:50PM
Alyson Abramowitz, Moshe Feder, Lori Meltzer, Pat Sims

Sa1200cc-202 Showcase-Kate Daniel Reading
Convention Center Room 202 Noon-12:25PM
Kate Daniel*

Sa1200cc-203 Showcase-Rick Wilber Reading
Convention Center Room 203 Noon-12:25PM
Rick Wilber*

Sa1200cc-205 Ursa Major Brown Bag Book Auction
Convention Center Room 205 Noon-1:50PM
Judith Ward*

Sa1200cc-207 How to Snare Mainstream Readers in the Age of Bookstore Chains
Convention Center Room 207 Noon-12:50PM
Patricia Anthony, Joshua Bilmes*, John R. Douglas

Sa1200cc-208 For Kids: Where in the Universe are we?
Send a message to Mars and Jupiter. Tour our part of the Orion Arm. Become a star in the Big Dipper and stretch a string to Andromeda. At least 10 young volunteers needed from the audience.
Convention Center Room 208 Noon-12:50PM
Marianne J. Dyson*

Sa1200cc-210 Artist Workshop on Pen and Ink
Pen and ink is not all black and white. Come learn from our award-winning cover artist. Advance sign-up required.
Convention Center Room 210 Noon-1:50PM
Brad W. Foster*

Sa1200cc-centro Is SF relevant any more? Was it ever?
Convention Center Centro Noon-12:50PM
Gregory Benford, Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff, Ginjer Buchanan*, Kathleen Ann Goonan, Tasha Kelly, Betsy Mitchell, Richard Parks, Walter Jon Williams

Sa1200cc-exhibit Autographings
Convention Center Exhibit Hall Noon-12:50PM
Stephen Baxter, Bob Eggleton, Robert Feldhoff, Tim Powers, Terry Pratchett, Ron Walotsky

Sa1200cc-patio.a Showcase-Linda Nagata Reading
Convention Center Patio Sec. A Noon-12:25PM
Linda Nagata*

Sa1200cc-patio.b Showcase-David Sandner Reading
Convention Center Patio Sec. B Noon-12:25PM
David Sandner*

Sa1200cc-plaza.a Slide Show: Art of Janny Wurts
Convention Center Plaza Sec. A Noon-12:50PM
Janny Wurts*

Sa1200cc-river.a Ethics in SF: Who counts as human?
Convention Center River Sec. A Noon-12:50PM
Uncle River*, William Barton, Pat Cadigan, D. E. Dabbs, Mike Moscoe

Sa1200cc-river.b Art rises to a higher dimension: How the spirit moves us within our happy medium
Convention Center River Sec. B Noon-12:50PM
Mitchell Davidson Bentley*, Keith Birdsong, Erin McKee, Ellisa Mitchell, Jennie A. Roller, Lisa Snellings

Sa1200rc-gb Babylon 5 Previews
Marriott Rivercenter Grand Ballroom Noon-1:50PM
J. Michael Straczynski*

Sa1200rw-bonham Kaffeeklatch with Larry Niven
Advance sign-up required.
Marriott Riverwalk Bonham Noon-12:50PM
Larry Niven*

Sa1200rw-milam Kaffeeklatch with Esther Freisner
Advance sign-up required.
Marriott Riverwalk Milam Noon-12:50PM
Esther Friesner*

Sa1200rw-valero Kaffeeklatch with Sean Stewart
Advance sign-up required.
Marriott Riverwalk Valero Noon-12:50PM
Sean Stewart*

Sa1230cc-202 Showcase-Kij Johnson Reading
Convention Center Room 202 12:30PM-12:55PM
Kij Johnson*

Sa1230cc-203 Showcase-Michael Swanwick Reading
Convention Center Room 203 12:30PM-12:55PM
Michael Swanwick*

Sa1230cc-patio.a Showcase-Bill Crider Reading
Convention Center Patio Sec. A 12:30PM-12:55PM
Bill Crider*

Sa1300cc-101 Welcome to the Science Fiction Community: Making Connections
Now that you're here, here's how to meet people, get involved and learn to understand this eccentric community. There's lots to do between conventions -- find out what's going on during this seminar.
Convention Center Room 101 1:00PM-1:50PM
Tom Feller, Guy H. Lillian III, Dick Lynch, Andrew I. Porter, Edie Stern

Sa1300cc-202 Showcase-Carrie Richerson Reading
Convention Center Room 202 1:00PM-1:50PM
Carrie Richerson*

Sa1300cc-203 Showcase-Victor Milán Reading
Convention Center Room 203 1:00PM-1:50PM
Victor Milán*

Sa1300cc-204 For Kids: Creative Writing
Convention Center Room 204 1:00PM-1:50PM
Christopher McKitterick, Vol Ranger

Sa1300cc-206 Artists caught in the net!
Web crawling among the tricks, traps, and treasures with Uncle Sam, God, and everyone.
Convention Center Room 206 1:00PM-1:50PM
Ctein, Jael, Laura Majerus, Margaret Organ-Kean, Peggy Ranson*, Stephen Youll

Sa1300cc-207 Friends Don't Let Friends Start Magazines
Convention Center Room 207 1:00PM-1:50PM
Kent Brewster, Algis Budrys, Craig E. Engler*, Ken Jenks, Charles C. Ryan, Ian Randal Strock, David Truesdale

Sa1300cc-208 Showcase-Jack Williamson Reading
Convention Center Room 208 1:00PM-1:50PM
Jack Williamson*

Sa1300cc-209 Artist Workshop on Oil Painting
Glowing techniques by an award-winning cover artist. Advance sign-up required.
Convention Center Room 209 1:00PM-5:50PM
Kevin Murphy*

Sa1300cc-centro Dracula: The 100th anniversary
Bram Stoker's novel has been in print continuously for a century.
Convention Center Centro 1:00PM-1:50PM
K. B. Bogen, Crispin Burnham, Suzy McKee Charnas, Roxanne Conrad, P. N. Elrod, Kim Newman*, Caroline Spector

Sa1300cc-exhibit Autographings
Convention Center Exhibit Hall 1:00PM-1:50PM
Austin Bay, Linda Nagata, Jody Lynn Nye, Katya Reimann, Mary Doria Russell, John Steakley, Susan Wade

Sa1300cc-fiesta.a Upcoming Bantam Releases with Pat LoBrutto
Convention Center Fiesta Sec. A 1:00PM-1:50PM
Anne Lesley Groell, Patrick LoBrutto*

Sa1300cc-fiesta.b How the heck did we find Mars rocks on Earth? Or did we?
Several of us have seen mars rocks with our own eyes. What are these rocks and what can they tell us about the possibility of life on mars, in the past or the present. How can we prove that they are mars rocks. Is mars life related to earth life, and are we actually martians. Where would any martian organisms be found today. Would they be dangerous to earth life or vice versa.
Convention Center Fiesta Sec. B 1:00PM-1:50PM
Sandra C. Morrese, Robert J. Sawyer*

Sa1300cc-patio.b Why we're addicted to Patrick O'Brien
Convention Center Patio Sec. B 1:00PM-1:50PM
Fred Duarte, April Lee, Susan M. Shwartz*, S. M. Stirling

Sa1300cc-plaza.a After the takeover: How will Hong Kong fare under Chinese rule?
Convention Center Plaza Sec. A 1:00PM-1:50PM
Brenda W. Clough*, Lawrence Person, Bruce Sterling

Sa1300cc-river.a National Space Society Forum
NSS leaders discuss the next human mission after the space station: the Moon, Mars, or something else?
Convention Center River Sec. A 1:00PM-1:50PM
Marianne J. Dyson*, Karen Mermel, John Strickland, Robert Zubrin

Sa1300cc-river.b Restructuring the Family
Convention Center River Sec. B 1:00PM-1:50PM
A.M. Dellamonica, Steven Gould, James Patrick Kelly, Elizabeth Moon*, Robert Reed, Nina Romberg

Sa1400cc-101 How to run better conventions
As local conventions proliferate across the country, they become increasingly insular, uneventful, unfocused and dull. Frequent congoers and conrunners discuss how to put more zip into your local con, attract Traveling Jiants and make your con stand out from the herd.
Convention Center Room 101 2:00PM-2:50PM
Judy Bemis, Sue Francis, Mark Olson, Spike Parsons*, Dick Spelman

Sa1400cc-202 Showcase-Arlan Andrews, Sr., Reading
Convention Center Room 202 2:00PM-2:50PM
Arlan Andrews, Sr.*

Sa1400cc-203 Showcase-Catherine Asaro Reading
Convention Center Room 203 2:00PM-2:50PM
Catherine Asaro*

Sa1400cc-204 For Kids: Storytime
Grownups tell stories or read books to the kids attending the con.
Convention Center Room 204 2:00PM-2:50PM
Terry Boren, Bill Crider

Sa1400cc-205 Angels and Avatars
Convention Center Room 205 2:00PM-2:50PM
Patricia Anthony, Pat Cadigan, Paul J. McAuley, Kurt Roth, Robert Silverberg, Sean Stewart*

Sa1400cc-206 State of the genre: North American SF/F
Convention Center Room 206 2:00PM-2:50PM
John R. Douglas*, James Alan Gardner, Robert J. Sawyer

Sa1400cc-207 Must a lead character be likable? The dark hero in fantasy and science fiction
Convention Center Room 207 2:00PM-2:50PM
Bradley Denton, David Feintuch*, John J. Kessel, Michael Swanwick, Walter Jon Williams

Sa1400cc-208 Hal is seven months old. Look what he's done for SF already!
Convention Center Room 208 2:00PM-2:50PM
Richard Chwedyk, Howard L. Davidson*, William Hartmann, Sonia Orin Lyris, Richard Parks, Carol Redfield

Sa1400cc-210 Artist Workshop: Painting Critique and Analysis
Can this painting be saved? Bring in your best or a work in progress for an honest academic critique from a master. Advance sign-up required.
Convention Center Room 210 2:00PM-3:50PM
Vincent Di Fate*

Sa1400cc-centro Environmental Imperialism: Terraforming other planets
How do you apply the reasoning of environmentalists to a whole sterile planet. Robinson has just done this in his Mars series, and a whole book of essays hase been published on the theme. Here reason and ideology may clash!. Is the perogative of life itself to extend itself to new environments in the form of humans and the earth life they bring along stronger than the resistance to a technological future. What happens if we find a world with low level life already present. What planetary objects are worthy of preservation in their 'natural state' ?
Convention Center Centro 2:00PM-2:50PM
Wilhelmina Baird, George Guthridge, Laura J. Mixon*, Larry Niven, Frederik Pohl, Kim Stanley Robinson

Sa1400cc-exhibit Autographings
Convention Center Exhibit Hall 2:00PM-2:50PM
Jerry Oltion, Paul Preuss, Mike Resnick, Dave Smeds, S.P. Somtow, Mel. White

Sa1400cc-fiesta.a Regional Horror Texas Style
Convention Center Fiesta Sec. A 2:00PM-2:50PM
C. Dean Andersson, Roxanne Conrad, Scott A. Cupp*, Carrie Richerson, Nina Romberg, William Browning Spencer, Don Webb

Sa1400cc-fiesta.b Genre, Gender, Identity, and Sex
How sf explores gender as a social construct, a construct which is often functionally a fetish. Gender does not equal sex. Examples: Melissa Scott's Shadow Man and LeGuin's Left Hand of Darkness
Convention Center Fiesta Sec. B 2:00PM-2:50PM
Ctein, Joe Agee, James Alan Gardner, Elise Matthesen*, Mary Rosenblum, Wendy Wheeler, M. D. Williams

Sa1400cc-fiesta.e Access To Space: An Update
Focus on fully or partly re-usable launch vehicles, both private and government, financing, technology and design, small, medium and large launch vehicles, comparisons on how the first or primary stage is flown and recovered, if expendable upper stages are used, types of payloads possible, future expansion of method for heavy lift re-usable launcher to deliver power satellite components, space station module and mars exploration vehicles and habs to earth orbit. Current contenders; Kistler, Kelly, Lockheed-Martin, Pioneer Rocketplane, Rotary Rocket, Pete Conrad's company. Comparisons to the partly re-usable shuttle and why it is so expensive to operate, and why the new vehicles can be much cheaper to operate.
Convention Center Fiesta Sec. E 2:00PM-2:50PM
Gregory Benford, Michael F. Flynn, Rick Kolker, Wil McCarthy*, Jerry Pournelle

Sa1400cc-patio.a TAFF/DUFF Auction
Convention Center Patio Sec. A 2:00PM-3:50PM
Janice Murray, Pat Sims, Roger Sims, Dan Steffan*

Sa1400cc-plaza.a Slide Show: Art of Real Musgrave
Convention Center Plaza Sec. A 2:00PM-2:50PM
Muff Musgrave, Real Musgrave*

Sa1400cc-river.a Tumbling Dice: State of the Gaming Industry
Gaming industry professionals discuss a tumultuous year in the computer and paper gaming hobbies. What happened, why, and what lies ahead?
Convention Center River Sec. A 2:00PM-3:50PM
Wolfgang Baur, Steve Jackson, Warren Spector, Michael A. Stackpole, Allen Varney*

Sa1400cc-river.b Upcoming Avon Releases with Lou Aronica
Convention Center River Sec. B 2:00PM-2:50PM
Lou Aronica*

Sa1400rw-milam Kaffeeklatch with Laura Frankos and Harry Turtledove
Advance sign-up required.
Marriott Riverwalk Milam 2:00PM-2:50PM
Laura Frankos, Harry Turtledove*

Sa1400rw-travis Literary Tea: Elizabeth Moon's Remnant Population
Discussing the Hugo-nominated novel Remnant Population. Advance sign-up required.
Marriott Riverwalk Travis 2:00PM-3:50PM
A. T. Campbell III*, Elizabeth Moon

Sa1400rw-valero Kaffeeklatch with James Patrick Kelly
Advance sign-up required.
Marriott Riverwalk Valero 2:00PM-2:50PM
James Patrick Kelly*

Sa1500cc-101 Famous Femmefen of the 1960s
Women first began entering fandom in appreciable numbers in the 1970s. Before that time the women active in their own right were rare. A few of those still active talk about how it was then.
Convention Center Room 101 3:00PM-3:50PM
Martha Beck, Ginjer Buchanan*, Joanne Wood

Sa1500cc-202 Showcase-Glenn R. Sixbury Reading
Convention Center Room 202 3:00PM-3:50PM
Glenn R. Sixbury*

Sa1500cc-203 For Kids: Creative Writing
Convention Center Room 203 3:00PM-3:50PM
Tippi Blevins, Toni Weisskopf

Sa1500cc-204 For Kids: Storytime
Grownups tell stories or read books to the kids attending the con.
Convention Center Room 204 3:00PM-3:50PM
Kate Daniel

Sa1500cc-205 Alternate Space!
The history of the space program in alternate universes
Convention Center Room 205 3:00PM-3:50PM
Stephen Baxter, Michael F. Flynn, Richard Garfinkle, Evelyn C. Leeper, Stanley Schmidt, Allen Steele, John E. Stith*

Sa1500cc-206 International space station
The fight over building the space station is becoming moot, since it is being built. when it is built, what should its main function be. Can it be expanded, can we reduce the cost of maintaining it and increase the science budget. how can it support research toward other deep space manned activities. What kind of industrial production could actually take place economically on a space station.
Convention Center Room 206 3:00PM-3:50PM
Gregory Bennett, Marianne J. Dyson*, Al Jackson, Rick Kolker, Ian Randal Strock

Sa1500cc-207 Showcase-Edward Bryant Reading
Convention Center Room 207 3:00PM-3:50PM
Edward Bryant*

Sa1500cc-208 Artists' Seminar: Developing your image and negotiating your value
Convention Center Room 208 3:00PM-3:50PM
Howard Frank, Jane Frank*

Sa1500cc-exhibit Autographings
Convention Center Exhibit Hall 3:00PM-3:50PM
David Brin, Wil McCarthy, Jack McDevitt, Frederik Pohl, Martha Soukup, J. Michael Straczynski, Rick Wilber

Sa1500cc-fiesta.a Should I Sleep with The Editor?
See what advice these experienced writers have for newcomers to the field. You'll be astonished!
Convention Center Fiesta Sec. A 3:00PM-3:50PM
Gardner Dozois, P. N. Elrod, Jim Frenkel, George R. R. Martin, K. D. Wentworth*

Sa1500cc-fiesta.b Spin-offs from classic SF and Fantasy novels
Convention Center Fiesta Sec. B 3:00PM-3:50PM
Roger MacBride Allen, Kevin J. Anderson*, Robin Wayne Bailey, Gregory Benford, K. W. Jeter, John Maddox Roberts

Sa1500cc-fiesta.e Russian history: A story idea goldmine
Convention Center Fiesta Sec. E 3:00PM-3:50PM
Lubov, C. J. Cherryh, Allan Cole*, Vera Nazarian, Nick Perumov, Josepha Sherman

Sa1500cc-patio.b Coffeepot Auction for Musgrave Scholarship
Convention Center Patio Sec. B 3:00PM-3:50PM
Mitchell Davidson Bentley*, Cat Conrad, Brad W. Foster, Real Musgrave

Sa1500cc-river.b Selling SF and Fantasy to Hollywood
Convention Center River Sec. B 3:00PM-3:50PM
Steve Antczak, Joe Lansdale, Mary Doria Russell, John Steakley*

Sa1600cc-101 New Fandom
This derisive title was bestowed on some faneds for being unfannishly "nice". Are they?
Convention Center Room 101 4:00PM-4:50PM
Alexander Bouchard, Tom Feller, Benoit Girard, Mike Glyer*, Alex Slate, Henry Welch

Sa1600cc-202 State of the genre: Latin American SF
Convention Center Room 202 4:00PM-4:50PM
Roger MacBride Allen*, Patricia Anthony, Charles N. Brown, Don Webb

Sa1600cc-205 How to live with a writer
Convention Center Room 205 4:00PM-4:50PM
Edna Budrys, Roxanne Conrad, Denis Loubet, Courtney Willis

Sa1600cc-206 The Value of Literary Criticism
Convention Center Room 206 4:00PM-4:50PM
Andy Duncan, Norm Hartman, David G. Hartwell, Peter J. Heck, Farran Miller*

Sa1600cc-207 Showcase-William Browning Spencer Reading
Convention Center Room 207 4:00PM-4:25PM
William Browning Spencer*

Sa1600cc-208 Showcase-Robert J. Sawyer Reading
Convention Center Room 208 4:00PM-4:50PM
Robert J. Sawyer*

Sa1600cc-210 The Art of Editing Art: What art directors do
Convention Center Room 210 4:00PM-4:50PM
Wayne Barlowe, Algis Budrys*, Elizabeth Garrott, Rachel E. Holmen, Stephen Youll

Sa1600cc-centro Pirates of Fenzance
BucConeer committee tribute (?) to Gilbert and Sullivan -
Convention Center Centro 4:00PM-4:50PM
Peggy Rae Pavlat*

Sa1600cc-exhibit Autographings
Convention Center Exhibit Hall 4:00PM-4:50PM
Alexis A. Gilliland, Louise Marley, G. David Nordley, Mark W. Tiedemann, Sage Walker, Jack Williamson

Sa1600cc-fiesta.b Why we're addicted to MST3K
Convention Center Fiesta Sec. B 4:00PM-4:50PM
Aaron Allston, Scott A. Cupp, Brad W. Foster, Martha Wells*

Sa1600cc-patio.a I Used to Write Games, but I Got Better
Now they write novels, but they still remember their early days toiling in the game industry--or do they?
Convention Center Patio Sec. A 4:00PM-4:50PM
Greg Costikyan*, Michael A. Stackpole

Sa1600cc-patio.b Breaking In: A Writing Seminar for Beginners
Convention Center Patio Sec. B 4:00PM-4:50PM
Donald Maass*

Sa1600cc-plaza.a Slide Show and Multi-Media Video of the Art of Lisa Snellings
Convention Center Plaza Sec. A 4:00PM-4:50PM
Lisa Snellings*

Sa1600cc-river.a Worldbuilding
Convention Center River Sec. A 4:00PM-4:50PM
Laura Anne Gilman*, Anne Lesley Groell, Robert Silverberg, Bradley H. Sinor, Walter Jon Williams, Sarah Zettel

Sa1600cc-river.b Demo of Life Support Systems for Mars or the Moon
A team of 5 NASA and contractor employess will present the results of several trials in NASA'S Sealed environment at Johnson Space Center in Houston, where virtually all water is recycled. if this technology can be perrfected, the total amount of water that would need to be carried on a lunar or mars expedition would be drastically reduced, as well as the cost. These team members particpated in a 60 day trail that ended in April of this year. This is cutting edge NASA technology . The presentation will utilize several audio-visual techniques.
Convention Center River Sec. B 4:00PM-4:50PM
Karen Meyers*

Sa1600rw-bonham Kaffeeklatch with Michael Swanwick
Advance sign-up required.
Marriott Riverwalk Bonham 4:00PM-4:50PM
Michael Swanwick

Sa1600rw-crockett Timebinders Interviews
Marriott Riverwalk Crockett 4:00PM-5:50PM
Jay Kay Klein*

Sa1600rw-milam Kaffeeklatch with Don Maitz and Janny Wurts
Advance sign-up required.
Marriott Riverwalk Milam 4:00PM-4:50PM
Don Maitz, Janny Wurts*

Sa1600rw-travis Literary Tea: Kim Stanley Robinson's Blue Mars
Discussing the Hugo-nominated novel Blue Mars. Advance sign-up required.
Marriott Riverwalk Travis 4:00PM-5:50PM
Jim Mann*, Kim Stanley Robinson*

Sa1630cc-207 Showcase-Susan Wade Reading
Convention Center Room 207 4:30PM-4:55PM
Susan Wade*

Sa1700cc-101 Big European Cons
Recent efforts to organize Worldcon committees in Europe have led to discussion of holding other "Big European Cons" which might unify Eurofandom or provide an outlet for conrunning evergies. Can Eurofandom come together, or will it remain just talk?
Convention Center Room 101 5:00PM-5:50PM
Stephen Boucher

Sa1700cc-203 Showcase-S. M. Stirling Reading
Convention Center Room 203 5:00PM-5:50PM
S. M. Stirling*

Sa1700cc-204 For Kids: Storytime
Grownups tell stories or read books to the kids attending the con.
Convention Center Room 204 5:00PM-5:50PM
Tippi Blevins, Sue Dawe

Sa1700cc-205 X-Rated Comics: Where's the good stuff?
Convention Center Room 205 5:00PM-5:50PM
Phil Foglio*, Brad W. Foster, John J. Miller, Edd Vick

Sa1700cc-206 Everything goes alternative, including art and art markets
Convention Center Room 206 5:00PM-5:50PM
Ctein*, Patricia Davis, Bob Eggleton, Joy Marie Ledet, Clayburn Moore, Muff Musgrave

Sa1700cc-207 Working in the Game Industry
Your standard "how to break into gaming" panel.
Convention Center Room 207 5:00PM-5:50PM
Wolfgang Baur, Loren Coleman, Dave Howell, Steve Jackson, Denis Loubet*

Sa1700cc-208 Slides and update on the Galileo mission
Convention Center Room 208 5:00PM-5:50PM
William Barton, Bill Higgins*, Henry Spencer

Sa1700cc-210 Nova Express: 10 years of the Texas fanzine that walks like a semi-prozine
Convention Center Room 210 5:00PM-5:50PM
Dwight Brown, Glen Engel-Cox, Jill Engel-Cox, Lawrence Person*

Sa1700cc-centro Favorite Authors: Inspirations and pleasure reads
Convention Center Centro 5:00PM-5:50PM
E. Susan Baugh*, Andy Duncan, Eileen Gunn, Amy Thomson, Andrew C. Wheeler

Sa1700cc-exhibit Autographings
Convention Center Exhibit Hall 5:00PM-5:50PM
Lynn Abbey, Suzy McKee Charnas, David Gerrold, William Hartmann, Katharine Eliska Kimbriel, William Browning Spencer, B. J. Thrower

Sa1700cc-fiesta.a Writing 105: Dealing with Fans
Convention Center Fiesta Sec. A 5:00PM-5:50PM
P. C. Hodgell, Terry Pratchett*

Sa1700cc-fiesta.b The inner children's hour: How fairy tales shape us
Convention Center Fiesta Sec. B 5:00PM-5:50PM
Ellen Datlow, Lynn Flewelling, Esther Friesner, Josepha Sherman, Susan Wade

Sa1700cc-patio.b Showcase-Pat Cadigan Reading
Convention Center Patio Sec. B 5:00PM-5:50PM
Pat Cadigan*

Sa1700cc-plaza.a Development of the Marexx CD-ROM by Barclay Shaw
Convention Center Plaza Sec. A 5:00PM-5:50PM
Barclay Shaw*

Sa1700cc-river.a The SF/F Baseball Underground
Convention Center River Sec. A 5:00PM-5:50PM
Joshua Bilmes, Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff, Barbara Hambly*

Sa1700cc-river.b Short and Sweet: Why short fiction is so well suited to SF
Convention Center River Sec. B 5:00PM-5:50PM
Ron Collins, John Gibbons, Norm Hartman, Hayford Peirce, Carrie Richerson, Martha Soukup, Ray Vukcevich*

Sa1700rc-12 National Space Society Regional Meeting
Come hear how you can help the leaders, members, and local chapters of the NSS turn science fiction into fact.
Marriott Rivercenter Room 12 5:00PM-5:50PM
Vince Creisler, Marianne J. Dyson, Karen Mermel, Joe Redfield, Robert Zubrin*

Sa1900rc-11 Jewish Services
Marriott Rivercenter Room 11 7:00PM-8:50PM

Sa2000rc-gb Hugo Awards Ceremony
Marriott Rivercenter Grand Ballroom 8:00PM-9:20PM
Neal Barrett, Jr.*

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