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[Chili Cookoff Rules & Information by Judith Ward]

For all of you who missed the first PR, here are the basic rules for the Chili Cookoff. The Chili committee is hard at work trying to get the Chili Cookoff sanctioned by the Chili Appreciation Society International (CASI). It is the organization that sponsors the Terlingua International Chili Championship the first weekend in November each year. More information will be available in Progress Report #3 where we will be featuring the Chili Cookoff.

All attending members of LoneStarCon 2 may enter the Chili Cookoff without any additional charges. There will be a graduated scale of charges for non-attending entrants. We hope to have participants from other Chili Cookoffs, such as Terlingua, and several of the hotel chefs have indicated a desire to compete.

We’re currently talking with a local organization about designating them as the charity for the Chili Cookoff, and will let everyone know who they are as soon as we’re legally able. If negotiations with this group fall through, we will select another charity for the Chili Cookoff proceeds.

We are also negotiating with several Texas bands to have live music from three stages during the Cookoff. While we can’t name any names yet, think quirky, think fun, think kind of off-the-wall.

[A Dracula armadillo captioned - Undead by the Side of the Road. Artist: Sharon Farber, Tennessee]
Undead by the Side of the Road

Register a name for your chili. If the name comes from a book title or movie, please let us know. (Four groups doing “Guess What Happened to the Tribbles?” might be a bit much.) Dress to promote your chili. Something telling who you are, where you’re from and what kind of chili you have could go a long way towards influencing the judges.

Provide a list of ingredients for the Chili Committee. We don’t need your recipe just a list of what’s in it. You don’t want to kill a judge (or do you?). Meatless chili can be entered, as well as chili with or without beans. [Note: Out-of-towners might be warned that putting beans in chili in Texas has been grounds for lynching in times past.] All edible chili peppers legal in the US are okay. Please do not write and ask me for the names of legal chilies! If you can buy it in a grocery store in the US, it’s legal.

No road kill will be allowed.

Rattlesnake and other exotic animal chili will also be allowed, provided that if you bring it live, you cage it, you feed it, you clean up after it, you butcher it, you cook it, and you dispose of the remains. In other words, “We ain’t agonna be ’sponsible fer yer critters.” However, NO ROAD KILL WILL BE ALLOWED.

Be willing to staff your booth for at least four hours on Friday night, August 29, 1997. Make at least 3 gallons of chili. (We will supply taster cups and small spoons).

Did I mention that this really will be a contest? With prizes and stuff for the winners? Neal Barrett, Jr., Charles Ballard and Javier Setovich, Sr. have agreed to be among the chili judges. Neal is well known for his pursuit of the perfect bowl of “Red”. Charles is the son-in-law of a committee member (nepotism is alive and well in fandom), and has an asbestos stomach. Javier is from Peru, and is well acquainted with chilies of various sorts.

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