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(jULY 1, 2012)

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Guests: Ellen DATLOW • James GUNN • Willie SIROS • Norman SPINRAD • Darrell K. SWEET*
Toastmaster: Paul CORNELL     Special Guests: Leslie FISH & Joe R. LANSDALE
Nanu Nanu Y'all!

Step Right Up!Jixen and Smizmars! Jedi Knights of all ages! Welcome to the greatest convention on earth! Step right up and we'll show you the rootinist, tootinist aliens, wizards, illusionists, zombies, scholars, bards, craftsmen, drinkers, brawlers, vampires, spirit animals, schoolgirls and pirates you ever did see in all of fandom!

Get your books signed, your eyes blown, your ears singin', your feet tappin', your pocketbook leakin' and your brain feedin' at our autographing-art-show-filking-dancing-buying-debating-and-kitchen-sinking event that you'll tell to your alternate dimensional grandchildren.

Got a hankerin' for some fajitas? Then you're in luck as San Antonio has just about the best Mexican food in the South and the margaritas will knock you on your spurs. Prefer barbecue? We got that too along with lots more eatin' including a bona fide Irish pub.

Highfalutin' life gettin' you down? Then you need to kick up your boots, tip back your cowboy hat and relax next to the River Walk with a book in your hands and the wind blowin' through the 100-year old Cypress trees. Or, if you are the adventurin' type, go on a western caravan to the many fun places around town.

Take a 5-day siesta with us and we'll make sure you go home with happy memories and Texas souvenirs.

DARRELL K. SWEET, Darrell K. Sweet, on of the Guests of Honor for LoneStarCon 3, the 71st Annual Worldcon, died Dec. 5. He was best known for his fantasy and science fiction illustrations.

Sweet, born 1934 in Highland Park, NJ, provided cover art for some of the seminal works of the the genre, including books by J.R.R. Tolkien, Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series, Piers Antony’s Xanth series and Stephen R. Donaldson’s The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant the Unbeliever. His talent was recognized with a Hugo Award nomination in 1983. He was the Artist Guest of Honor at the 2010 World Fantasy Convention and the 2007 NASFiC as well as numerous smaller conventions.

"His paintings evoked the classic storytelling narration of the Golden Age illustrators," said Tor Editor Irene Gallo. "A Sweet cover promised an adventure to be had."