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The Second Occasional LoneStarCon Science Fiction Convention and Chili Cook-off, Variously known as the 55th World Science Fiction Convention and LoneStarCon 2, the 1997 Worldcon, To be held from August 28th through September 1st, in the year 1997, in San Antonio, Texas.

LoneStarCon 2, the 1997 Worldcon: Programming Questionnaire

LoneStarCon II Programming Questionnaire

  1. We'd like some basic information about you.
    Your professional name: ___________________________________________
    Your phone number, fax number, and on-line address, if any:

    Your mailing address if we didn't mail this to you:

  2. Will you be attending LoneStarCon II? If you have a membership, your membership number is on the mailing label.
    [ ] Yes, I already have a membership.
    [ ] My membership is enclosed.
    [ ] I'll be joining shortly.
    [ ] Maybe, tell me some more about the con.
    [ ] Probably not, but things may change, so keep me in mind.
    [ ] No, I just can't make it this year.

  3. What area of the science fiction/fantasy field do you work in? What kinds of issues does your recent work involve? What are you doing these days that excites you the most?

  4. What interests do you have besides SF/F?

  5. Do you have any panel topics you'd love to be on? We're eager for you to suggest a serious, constructive topic of biting insight and contemporary relevance. Can you recommend anyone else who could make a contribution on that panel?

  6. What's the best panel you've ever seen at another con? Which con was it?

  7. Are there any panel topics you feel are stale and overworked, that you'd prefer not to be on?

  8. Would you like an individual time slot for a solo presentation, such as a speech, a reading, a slide show, a demo of a game or TV show, a performance, a question and answer period with fans, etc.?
    [ ] yes, 50 minutes [ ] yes, 25 minutes [ ] no
    What will you do? _______________________________________________________

  9. Would you be interested in a two person event?
    [ ] debate [ ] interview [ ] other ___________________________________________
    [ ] no

  10. Would you be interested in a kaffeeklatsch to meet with your fans informally?
    [ ] yes [ ] no

  11. Should we schedule you for an autographing?
    [ ] yes [ ] no

  12. Here are some general areas of interest. Please check those you think are most appropriate for you.
     [ ]Academic SF/F             [ ]Game Design              [ ]On-Line SF/F
     [ ]Alternative Sexuality     [ ]Graphic Novels--Art      [ ]Other:
        or Gay Literature
     [ ]Art Direction             [ ]Graphic Novels--Text     [ ]Painting
     [ ]Black & White Art         [ ]Heroic Fantasy           [ ]Poetry
     [ ]Business Of Art/Writing   [ ]Humorous SF/F            [ ]Political SF/F
     [ ]Business Of Game          [ ]Intellectual Property    [ ]Publishing 
        Production                   Rights                      Industry
     [ ]Convention Running        [ ]Kid's Programming        [ ]Religious SF/F
     [ ]Costuming                 [ ]Literary Criticism       [ ]Science
     [ ]Dark Fantasy              [ ]Media SF/F--Film         [ ]Sexuality Issues
                                                                 in Fandom
     [ ]Editing                   [ ]Media SF/F--             [ ]Small Press
                                     Interactive                 Publishing
     [ ]Fanzines                  [ ]Media SF/F--Theater      [ ]Social Science
     [ ]Feminist SF/F             [ ]Media SF/F--TV           [ ]Urban Fantasy
     [ ]Filking                   [ ]Military SF              [ ]Worldbuilding
     [ ]Film Criticism            [ ]Music                    [ ]3D Art

  13. Would you be willing to work with the writers workshop?
    [ ] specialized critique group (such as sf or fantasy, short fiction, novel, script, or poetry)
    specialty: _____________________________________________________________
    [ ] teach a seminar on writing or the business of writing
    topic: _________________________________________________________________
    [ ] lead a kid's writing class
    [ ] no

  14. Would you be willing to work with the artists' workshop?
    [ ] teach a hands-on class about
    What supplies would you need?
    [ ] portfolio reviews
    [ ] teach a seminar on the business of art
    topic: ________________________________________________________________
    [ ] lead a kid's art class
    [ ] no

  15. Are you available for kid's programming? Read a story (your own or someone else's), give an art class, give a science demo, teach a song, do something else neat?
    [ ] yes __________________________________________________________
    [ ] no

  16. In addition to the Meet the Pros party (Friday evening), your autographing, and your individual presentation item, how heavily would you like to be scheduled?
    [ ] the max, 2 events/day
    [ ] busy, 1 event/day
    [ ] light, fewer than four events for the whole con

  17. What do you not want to be scheduled against? Nothing will be opposite the Hugos or Masquerade.
    [ ] art show set-up & teardown
    [ ] ASFA meeting
    [ ] WSFS business meeting
    [ ] SFWA meeting
    [ ] masquerade rehearsal
    [ ] chili cook-off
    [ ] my best friend _____________________________________________________
    [ ] other ______________________________________________________________

  18. Do you know when you'll be arriving and departing? Please let us know as soon as you know, so we don't schedule you for events you can't attend.
    arrive _____________________________ depart _____________________________

  19. Are you available for evening programming (7 PM to midnight)?
    [ ] Thursday [ ] Friday [ ] Saturday [ ] Sunday

  20. Are you available for morning programming (10 AM to noon)?
    [ ] Friday [ ] Saturday [ ] Sunday [ ] Monday

  21. Do you have any other scheduling needs? We assume you'll be available for prime time programming (1 PM to 6PM), unless you tell us here. Please let us know if you've committed time to any other part of the convention besides programming, so we can work around it.

  22. If asked, are you interested in being interviewed by the press during the con?
    [ ] yes [ ] no

  23. Are you interested in doing any pre-con publicity? If so, what's the name of your hometown newspaper?
    [ ] yes _______________________________________________________
    [ ] no

  24. Are you absolutely, under any circumstances, unable to moderate a panel?
    [ ] I'm totally unable to moderate.
    [ ] I can moderate only if other panelists are friends.
    [ ] What the heck, it's only an hour.
    [ ] I function best when I'm in charge.

  25. Is there anyone you'd rather not be on a panel with? We'll keep this confidential.

  26. Is there anyone you feel you work especially well with on programming?

  27. Do you have any special needs?

  28. Is there anything else you need to know from us?

Thank you for your time. If you get this on-line, you may omit the questions and simply number your responses. Please reply by March 31 to:

Debbie Hodgkinson, Programming
LoneStarCon II
512-477-1041 Home
512-472-4290 Fax
P. O. Box 27277
Austin, TX 78755

Please include a 100 word bio for the souvenir program book. Thanks.

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