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[LoneStarCon 2 Committees]

Operational Board:
Karen Meschke - Chairman
Mark Olson - Advisor to the Chair
Bruce Pelz - Advisor to the Chair
Willie Siros - Advisor to the Chair
Earl Cooley - Electronic Laison
Randy Shepherd - WSFS Mark Protection
Candace Pulleine - Committee APA
Bill Parker - Tech Services
Fred Duarte, Jr. - Facilities Vice Chair
Dennis Virzi - Admin. Vice Chair

Dennis Virzi - Vice Chairman

Human Resources:
Robert Taylor - Division Head
Brooks Griffith - Con Ops
Harry Beckwith - Security

Laurie Mann - Press Relations
Peggy Ranson - Ad Layout

Neil Kaden - Division Head
Bill Child - Progress Reports
Diana Thayer - Editor & Artist Liaison
Teddy Harvia - Feature Writer
Bill Child - Layout/Design
Bill Child- Pocket Programs
George Effinger - Restaurant
Ursa Major - Fan Guide
Diana Thayer - Souvenir Program
Pat Virzi - Souvenir Program
Tom Becker - Daily Zine

Debbie Hodgkinson - Division Head
Meri Hazlewood - Anime Programming
Dave Hazlewood - Anime Programming
Mike Todd - Program Development
Sherry Snyder - Program Development
Edwin Strickland - Science Programming
Dick Smith - Fan Programming
Leah Zeldes Smith - Fan Programming
Joe Grillot - Film Programming
Tom Feller - Program Ops

Doug Allen - Division Head
Jennifer Reedy - Assistant
Kathy Thornton - Assistant

Tim Illingworth - Division Head
Don Eastlake - Business Meeting
Nina Siros - Hugo Administration
Kent Bloom - Site Selection

Fred Duarte, Jr. - Vice Chairman

Sue Francis - Division Head
Cathy Beckwith - Assistant
Edie Stern - Opening Ceremonies
Lisa Greene - Opening Ceremonies
Lori Wolf - Hugo Ceremony
Cindy Foster - Assistant
Michael Shannon - Dances
Twilight - Masquerade
Sallie Gladney - Chili Cookoff
Judith Ward - Chili Cookoff
Jacquelyn Stephenson - Chili Cookoff
Alice Knapp - Assistant
Lynn Ward - Assistant
Lisa Freitag - Assistant
Judy McDowell - Assistant

Teresa Patterson - Division Head
Donna Lynn Kocher - Assistant
Tom Hanlon - Dealers Room
Rodney Somerstein - Assistant
Sherlock - Specialty Signs
A.T. Campbell - CAD Support
Jean Stuntz - Art Show

Patty Wells - Co-Division Head
Ben Yalow - Co-Division Head

Noel Wolfman - Division Head
Jim Mann - Assistant
Beth Loubet - Staff
Dan Tolliver - Staff
Richard Brandt - Fan Lounge
Michelle Lyons - Fan Lounge
Yvonne Penny - Fan Sales
Lloyd Penny - Fan Sales

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