Austin Literary Arts Maintenance Organization (ALAMO) is a Nonprofit 501(c)(3) corporation incorporated under the laws of Texas, registered with the state of Texas and is recognized by the IRS as a charity, a 509(a)(2) organization, donations to which may be tax deductible. The corporation is operated exclusively for literary purposes pertaining to Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror in its various forms and is organized for the purposes of promoting the understanding and appreciation of the literary fields of fantasy, science fiction and horror, and to provide a forum for the free discussion of the ideas and concepts associated with these literary fields. It engages in no political campaign activities or lobbying activities, makes no political expenditures, direct or indirect, does not operate a school, does not transfer money to any non-charitable related organization and has no compensated employees. No officer or director of the corporation is compensated. It does not maintain any donor advised funds. There is no related organization which is a controlled entity of the Corporation. At no time has ALAMO been a party to a prohibited tax shelter transaction. It has no interest in, and no signature or other authority over a financial account in a foreign country and at no time has it maintained any office outside the US.

Corporate Mailing Address
PO BOX 27277
Austin, TX  78755-2277

The directors of the corporation

The officers of the corporation
President – Kim G. Kofmel
Vice President – Kimm Antell
Secretary – Clif Davis
Treasurer – William (Bill) Parker
Communication – Karen Meschke

Registered Agent
Karen Meschke
12917 Candlestick Pl
Austin, TX  78727-4403

To establish appropriate branding, the Corporation does business under various names other than Austin Literary Arts Maintenance Organization and maintains DBAs for that purpose. However, some of these DBAs are maintained for historical reasons to protect against confusing use by others within our service area and are not in current use.

            The corporation maintains the following DBAs:
            Lone Star Con II
            Lone Star Con III
            Texas in 2013
            Texas 2013

Major Program Service Accomplishments for 2009

This organization operated the 2009 InstaCon 8 in Houston, Texas, a conference on Science Fiction and Fantasy convention running directed primarily at convention runners in Texas and surrounding states. Programming included panels,
presentations, demonstrations and round table discussions, exploring topics from different perspectives and backgrounds. Thirty six convention runners and their committees benefitted from over forty five hours of programming.

In addition, this organization operated the 2009 SMOF con in Austin, Texas. This is the international convergence on Science Fiction and Fantasy convention running. SMOFcon 2009 had and attendance of over 150 convention runners
and their committees from all over the world. All aspects of convention running were explored with emphasis on time management, budgets, and negotiation.

This organization provided a total of $900 in educational grants enabling representatives of different Texas conventions and conferences to take part in both InstaCon 8 and SMOFcon 2009.

Finances for 2009
            Program Service Income                                               $ 22,344.14
            Donations From Directors or Officers                            $     500.00
            Interest – Certificate of Deposit                                     $      326.87
                                                             Total Income                            $23,171.01
            Post Office Box Fee                                                      $       96.00
            Bank Fees and PayPal Fees                                         $     179.24
            Secretary of State – Periodic Report Fee                      $       18.18
            Program Service Operating Expenses                           $ 15,607.32
                                                                        Total Expenses             $15,900.74

Excess for 2009 -- $7270.27
Beginning Assets for 2009 -- $18,629.71
End of Year Assets for 2009 -- $23,947.62

Special note - As an organization whose gross receipts normally do not exceeded $25,000.00 we are not required to file a form 990. The figures are shown here in close approximation to the way they would be entered into a 990EZ form if we were required to file one.

All information on this web page is a matter of public record and is, to the best of my knowledge and belief, accurate and correct.

Bill Parker
Treasurer ALAMO

2008 Report